The True Self Project (TSP) is a program that teaches people how to heal their own developmental trauma. Through self-examination and the reciprocity of the group, individuals are introduced to concepts, methods and tools that help in healing their own trauma and the trauma that can run transgenerationally through the family. Individuals learn to identify and change the protective, False Self behaviors that have hindered them in relationships, work and life and ultimately manifest their True Self through the creation of art, music, or dance. TSP methods are based on sound research by respected neuroscientists and psychologists. In addition to building self-awareness and self-healing, TSP also teaches the importance of compassion and curiosity and dissolving attitudes of stigma often attached to mental health issues.



TSP helps transform the lives of New Mexicans by giving them the tools to recognize, prevent, and heal the effects of developmental trauma, enhanced through the creation of art, resulting in a society that is significantly healthier, happier, safer, and more productive.



IT WAS AN ARTICLE IN OUR NEWSPAPER that sealed my commitment to this True Self Project. It said there are tens of thousands of children in our state in trauma. I can relate to that, so I am hoping my project will provide something more to show and think about, as it has for me. I do best with wood and tools and paint. And here I added some old rusty tin cans I found on a walk one day. They are especially important because they are representing “the three big trauma makers;” shame, fear and anger. An old idea, but life progressing along a road seemed a simpler and less complicated way for me to show and for us to follow. It begins when mother and father turn away emotionally and/or physically from their baby. Then the child, in trauma, starts its own mental trip through life. It is difficult, in my project, to show how we find help or it finds us. But it is there and it is worth the effort. Anything even close to finding our True Self is worth it, and was for me. Later I realized–this table is the symbol of my True Self.

The True Self Project

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The True Self Project


True Self Project

TheTrue Self Project