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Pankseppian Mandala


This image is an unfinished model of the BrainMind as I interpret Jaak Panksepp. It represents two of the three levels of vertical/horizontal Mind emerging from Brain.


Level 1: The foundation (brainstem)

the unknowing consciouness

instinctual meaning


Level 2: The scaffolding

the learning and remembering

experiential meaning


Nine participants in the True Self Project filled out the third level with their personal, implicit memories, making a mandala reflecting the universality and uniqueness that each of us manifests in life.


Level 3: The pinnacle

the self-reflective consciousness

family and cultural meaning


This has become the logo for True Self Project.


Any misinterpretation, misstatement or oversimplification of Jaak Panksepp is mine alone.


Marythelma Brainard Ransom


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