The True Self Project

The first exhibit of the True Self Project opened at the Special Collections Library in Albuquerque, New Mexico on September 8, 2016. It featured the art of twenty people.

Special Support


City of Albuquerque

Special Collections Library

Eileen O’Connell, branch manager


Harwood Art Center

Julia Mandeville, chief programs officer


Self-Other-World Institute

Julie Kilpatrick, MD, president

Pui Harvey PhD, Donald Kalshed PhD,

and Pat Sargent EdD, board


UNM Department of Psychiatry

Caroline Bonham MD, Brian Isakson PhD,

Mary Kaven PhD


Specialists in the Field

Becky Baily PhD

Mary Johnson PhD

Teresa Kestly PhD

Julie Kilpatrick MD

Bob Meyers PhD

Nancy Morrison MD

Dora Wang MD


Very Special Thanks

David Wilson, Graphic Design

Pam Castaldi, Exhibit Design

McCune Charitable Foundation

Karla Vendegna

Jeff and Ann Rubin, Savory Fare Cafe, Bakery and Catering


This project was conceived of and mentored by Marythelma Ransom PhD.


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TheTrue Self Project

TheTrue Self Project